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Lotus rental Miami Airport

Lotus introduced the Elise in September of nineteen ninety six. The Lotus Elise rental Miami is a true sports car, with a hand-finished fiberglass body shell and a extruded aluminum chassis. Capable of high speeds and performance handling, the Lotus Elise rental Miami Beach is a dream to drive for sports-car enthusiasts. Lotus Elise rental south beach is a great way to experience what its like to be a Lotus Elise owner, even if its only for a day or two. If you are heading to Miami and need a car to drive, why not consider an exotic luxury rental instead of a regular car rental, and see what its like to be a celebrity for a day. The Elise features a Toyota sourced two liter engine, all it needs to reach super high speeds since the Elise weighs in at under one thousand pounds. The Lotus Elise rental Miami airport design is bare bones in order that it not be weighed down by unneeded options. Miami exotic car rental agencies offer the Lotus Elise in a couple of style options, and the one you want depends on your style and driving tastes. If you want a Lotus Elise with a bit more luxury and comfort for day to day driving, be sure and inquire about one that has the optional Touring Package. However, if you want your Lotus Elise to give you the drive of your life, inquire about the optional Sport Package.