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Luxury Car Rentals in Miami

Ventura Rent-a-Car is headquartered in Miami, Florida. We are specialists in providing our clients with the most exotic and luxury cars . You can find almost everything lying within the head of luxury or exotic in our showroom. Our entire fleet comprises of the world-class cars which are available in latest models. We maintain our fleet in a way that all our luxury cars wear a brand-new look even as the mileage they give too comes about to be extremely economical. Hence, if you are looking for a luxury car rental, Ventura Rent-a-Car in Miami is the right place to be.

Our fleet comprises of everything starting from Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Range Rover, Rolls Royace, and Cadillac Escalade to Bentley, Lamborghini, Hummer, Viper, Maserati, Hybrid or decked SUV and even 15 passenger vans. Simply choose from this wide variety of luxurious fleet and make that big impression on your business associate or the new date. Our range of luxury cars includes a significant number of sports cars as well. For those with speed in their veins, going for these luxuries sports car rentals will prove to be the best option. Our fleet in this field of sports cars is considered amongst the best in the entire Florida and surrounding areas. Enjoy the experience of driving a sports car with the additional services offered by us.

Apart from renting out the luxury cars, we at Ventura Rent-a-Car also provide our clients in Miami with the service of add-on enhancements to these startling cars. You can choose to get additional speakers, GPS, mobile phones or any other enhancement to make the driving experience with these luxury cars even more exotic. We have a wide range of these enhancements and you can easily secure these accessories on request. Our entire fleet is available with both the options of manual and automatic gears. You can select the one that suits your mood and purpose.

The entire mood of Miami deems it appropriate for you to rent a luxury car and enjoy the city the high-end way. In such a scenario, Ventura Rent-a-Car is the best place to be. Not only are we amongst the oldest car rentals catering in the area of exotic car rentals and luxury car rentals, we are also one of the most trustworthy. Apart from the speckles luxury cars, we also offer our clients with flawless services. Some of our VIP services include pick-up and drops from the place of your choice, vehicle pick-ups and delivery etc. Our staff is most courteous and will be ready to help in whichever way possible. We at Ventura Rent-a-Car, ensure that all the customer information shared remains protected and confidential, preventing any unauthorized disclosure or access.

Our prestigious clientele includes several renowned musicians, artists, actors and corporate leaders and their support has helped grow Ventura Rent-a-Car to the present level. Being leaders in luxury car rentals, we offer one of the best fleets in the entire region along with the quality customer service. For making your stay in Florida the most memorable experience, simply contact us at Ventura Rent- a-Car and enjoy the helping of our expertise.