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Mercedes C300 rental Miami Airport

The Mercedes C300 rental Miami is a sport sedan that is lightweight, quick and easy to handle, which is why it is quickly becoming one of America's favorite cars. From Hollywood to South Beach, the Mercedes C300 rental South Beach can be seen with passengers ranging from celebrities to soccer moms. Everyone loves the Mercedes C300 rental Miami airport because of its sleek exterior, its powerful motor and its many safety features, making it one of the most popular cars for visitors to Miami to rent from luxury car rental in Miami. Its stylish exterior boasts four doors that open to an interior that is surprisingly roomy despite the cars compact size. It also boasts an extra large trunk, perfect for stowing away luggage or gear for the beach. Its power windows and sunroof allow you to enjoy the beautiful Miami sunshine as you drive down the beach. Mercedes C300's also come pre-equipped with Bluetooth connectivity for your convenience. Other standard features include steel doors, 8-way, power adjustable seats, a black roof lining and aluminum trim on the console. Exotic car rental Miami agencies stock the Mercedes C300 in range of colors and trims.

Mercedes GL450 rental Miami Airport

The Mercedes GL 450 rental Miami is the Mercedes -Benz debut into the world of SUV's. While featuring the roomy interior of an SUV, its compact size and sleek body style give it that highly desirable Benz look that we all know and love. The Mercedes GL 450 rental Miami Beach is not without its Hollywood status, with owners including Miley Cyrus, Lady GaGa, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Denise Richards and Will Smith. IF you want to know what its like to be a celebrity for a day, then hit the streets of Miami in a Mercedes GL rental south beach and start seeing the world from a different perspective. In addition to its head-turning ability, the Mercedes GL rental Miami airport features all the extras that make driving a Mercedes such a lovely experience. A standard feature is dark glass, making driving more pleasant in the intense Miami sun. All Mercedes GL 450 come standard with the Mercedes Navigation System to help you navigate the streets of unfamiliar territory. The cruise control is easy to use and can help you to maintain the correct speed to avoid unnecessary tickets that can occur in a car that rides as god as the Mercedes GL 450.

Mercedes GLX350 rental Miami Airport

The Mercedes GLX 350 rental Miami is a compact SUV that is large on features and is one mean, lean, driving machine. Introduced in two thousand eight, the Mercedes GLX rental Miami Beach is the car for those who need the space offered in a small SUV but who don't want to give up any of the luxuries and extras they have come to expect in a Mercedes vehicle. If you will be visiting Miami, you will need a car to get around. Cruising around Miami in a Mercedes GLX rental south beach is sure to get you noticed and will also provide you with luxurious transportation experience for a very reasonable price. The Mercedes GLX 350 glitters with added features and extras, from the inside out. Outward design features of the Mercedes SUV rental Miami includes standard roof rails on top, privacy glass on all of the windows, and chrome accents. Inside, this bad boy is packed with electronic gadgets that will have you in techie paradise. A 6 disc CD/DVD changer is standard, along with a 6 GB music register for you mobile music device. A COMAND navigation system is also standard, perfect for those who are unfamiliar with the streets and helping to avoid time lost to wrong turns and a bad sense of direction.

Mercedes S550 rental Miami Airport

The Mercedes S rental Miami is a vehicle in a class all its own. It name, S Class, is derived from the German word “Sonderklasse” which means, “special class”, a fitting description for a car that is known as the world's best selling luxury flagship sedan. Renting a Mercedes S 550 rental Miami to drive around during your next stay in Miami will not only make you feel like a million bucks but it will make you look like it too. Every inch of the design of the Mercedes S 550 rental south beach is to create a smooth, and safe, driving experience for those inside. With a number of styles to choose from, you can choose the model that is perfect for you. Mercedes released its first official S class model in nineteen seventy two. This sedan, known as the W116, featured a four-wheel independent suspension and disc brakes. Starting with that nineteen seventy two model, Mercedes created its S class cars with safety in mind, packing each one with successively better safety features. It retained a classic, boxy Mercedes body style, a signature look that followed the S series into the late nineties. Then, in nineteen ninety nine, the W220, the latest of the S Class offerings, was released. This model left the old, classically boxy Mercedes rental Miami airport design in the past, and shot towards the future in a sleeked down body style with a more elegant and rounded look.

Mercedes SL550 rental Miami Airport

The Mercedes SL 550 rental Miami is a roadster that will fill your need for speed in a machine that is luxurious, sleek and stylish. This classic Mercedes vehicle is all the rage in Hollywood and driving one will give you instant celebrity status as you turn heads wherever you drive. Mercedes rental in Miami has risen in popularity due to the number of celebrities have been spotted driving a Mercedes SL rental Miami, including Trish and Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Lauren Conrad and Gerard Butler. In Miami, you will turn heads all day long when you shop and cruise in a super stylish Mercedes SL 550 rental Miami Beach. Features of the Mercedes SL rental south beach include a retractable hard top, illuminated door seals and a retractable hard top, perfect for catching some rays on Miami beach. Interior features of Mercedes SL 550 include a cargo bay with nets for additional interior storage and a host of tech gadgets. The Mercedes SL 550 comes Bluetooth ready, an iPod/MP3 interface and an SD card slot. A hand drive based navigation system will ensure you get to your destination in the quickest amount of time, no matter how unfamiliar with the area you are.