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Smart Car rental Miami Airport

As cities such as Miami become more popular and crowded, driving can become a chore and parking a premium. This need has been addressed with the production of Smart Car rental Miami. These cute and stylish two-seaters are short on space but high on efficiency. They are easy on the wallet since they don't need much gas and parking them is always easy. If you are planning a trip to Miami and want to rent a convenient car that will get you around without killing the environment and costing you a small fortune, ten consider a Smart Car. While the Smart Car rental Miami airport may look simple from the inside, its has a high tech interior with a number of features reserved for luxury vehicles. For example, all Smart Cars come with a Tridion Safety Cell to ensure passenger safety in the event of a crash with a larger vehicle, an electronic stability program, anti-lock brakes and 8 airbags. Smart Car rental Miami Beach can also come with an optional Smart Highline Radio with a 6.5” touch screen display, navigation with perspective map display and a Bluetooth hands free function for your phone. Many Smart Car rental Florida offer this feature on for the convenience of their Smart Car clients.